Mediterranean Bison Meatballs | Barley Pilaf | Roasted Vegetables

Cumin, fennel, coriander and allspice seasoned bison meatballs served with a veal demi glace, barley pilaf and roasted vegetables.  Photo will be updated. Available Monday May 3rd through Saturday May 8th.
Serving Size

Serves 1 - 415g

Ingredients: ground bison, onion, garlic, breadcrumbs, sambal olek, egg, olive oil, cilantro, allspice, cumin, fennel, coriander spice, veal stock, red wine, tomato paste. Barley, onion, leeks ,celery, carrot, garlic, olive oil.  Heirloom carrots, zucchini, bell peppers, asparagus, fennel. Brussel sprouts, parsley, olive oil, s/p




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Dairy Free
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